History of the Agro-engineering department

Agro-Engineering Department of Agrarian Faculty is the successor of the Faculty of Mechanism of Subtropical Institute of Georgia and is proud of his famous and well-known scientists: Academicians: Shalva Kereselidze, Nodar Gabunia, Revaz Makharoblidze, Jemal Katsitadze; Professors: Simon Chochia, GiviDolidze, VakhtangChichinadze, OtarIamanidze, MerabGogishvili, Rani Chabukiani, NugzarEbanoidze, AvtandilBerechikidze, TamazTsanava, AvtandilKheladze and others. In 2006, the Department of Agriculture Mechanization and Transport (Form No.151, 3.03.2006) was established in the former Georgian Subtropical Farm State University in accordance with the "Higher Education Law" initiated in Georgia. Which included eight chairs. From the day of its establishment the department was headed: Assoc. Prof. PridonKhuchua, after his death, prof. AvtandilBerechikidze and Assoc. Prof. MakvalaGogadze. In 2011, the Agrarian Faculty was created within the ATSU and the department was named the Agro-Engineering Department. He is still guided by letters. Prof. SosoTavberidze. The activities of the Department of Agro Engineering are aimed at improving the educational programs at the Faculty, which means the improvement of the educational process, creation and perfection of research and training laboratories, as well as the creation of methodical and educational literature, the teaching of academic staff and academic staff scientific- research activities. The main objective of the Department is to use and implement modern learning programs, which are designed to prepare highly competent, competitive specialists. In addition, the Department is oriented on the development of infrastructure in accordance with the training programs and the high level of practice provided by the specialty. For this purpose, the Department supports the development of the Universities with various study-based research institutions and private enterprises, state structures, which promotes professional staffing that will satisfy the requirements of the labor market.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Soso Tavberidze Associate Professor
2 Emzar Kilasonia Associate Professor
3 Zurab Tsibadze Associate Professor
4 Mamuka Tsikoridze Associate Professor
5 Davit Kbilashvili Associate Professor
6 Mavra Tevzadze Associate Professor
7 Gela Losaberidze Associate Professor
8 Zaza Chkhartishvili Associate Professor
9 Iason Ebanoidze Academic Doctor, invited specialist
10 Ketevan Turmanidze The laborer
11 Makvala Vashakidze The laborer
12 Nana Namchevadze The laborer
13 Nana Tkebuchava The laborer

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