History of the Department of Agronomy
Department of Agronomic Sciences is the successor department of the Department of Agrobiology, which was created on March 1, 2006 in the subtropical State University of Georgia with 5 chairs: "Botany, Plant Physiology and Microbiology", "Soil and Agricultural Reclamation”, "Crop, Genetics andSelection "," Agro-chemical and General Agriculture "," Crop Protection ". The department consists of twelve employees: three professors, two associate professors, four assistant professors and two laborers.
Five laboratories were functioning in the department:

1) Selection Genetics;

2) Farming and Agrochemistry;

3) Soil Science, Soil Tile Processing, Natural Use and Agricultural Melioration ;

4) Plant protection.
After joining AkakiTsereteli State University of Georgia at Subtropical State University, in 2011, the Department continued functioning under the name of "Department of Agronomic Sciences".
The department is currently staffed with 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 1 assistant professor and 2 laboratories. 3 specialists are invited to implement the program. The Department is implementing the following educational programs: Bachelor Program "Agronomy"-Head of professorRozaLortkipanidze, Master Programs: "Agrochemicals" - Head of professorRozaLortkipanidze and "Selection of Subtropical Crops"- Head of professorVakhtangKobalia, PhD program "Agronomy" (5 modules: Agroeconomics, Agro technologies, Plant Protection, Plant Selection, Gardening)-Head of professorRozaLortkipanidze. Additional Minor Program "Agrochemicals"-Head of Associate ProfessorNunuChachkhiani-Anasashvili.
There are 4 training laboratories in the department: "Soil Research, Melioration and Agro-ecological Monitoring, Farming and Agrochemistry" and "Plant Protection". The Department pursues scientific activities in grant projects in Nosiri Study Farm. Many scientific publications and works have been published.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Roza Lortkipanidze Full Professor
2 Vakhtang Kobalia Full Professor
3 Tristan Jobava Associate Professor
4 Nunu Chachkhiani-Anasashvili Associate Professor
5 Maka Kubaneishvili Associate Professor
6 Nino Kelenjeridze Associate Professor
7 Nino Avalishvili Associate Professor
8 Nino Kipiani Associate Professor
9 Maia Kheladze Asistent-Professor
10 Natalia Santeladze The laborer
11 Lali Berekashvili The laborer

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