History of Department of Subtropical Crops Products Technology
Kutaisi Agricultural Institute was founded in Kutaisi in 1952, which continued functioning in Sokhumi as a subtropical institute of Georgia. The leading structural unit of the Faculty of Agriculture Technology of the University was the Chair of Agricultural Technology, which in 1953 - 1962 headed assistantMamiaGvaramia, in 1962-1982 assistant ShotaKobakhidze,in 1982-1997 professor David Devdariani. Since 1997 the department was renamed: Subtropical Crops, Technology and Food Industries Machine department, headed by Professor NaniChikovani, since 2005, the Department joined the Biotechnology, Bioorganic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry and established on the basis of Subtropical Crops and Food Products Technology Department led by MakvalaPruidze. In 2011, the Agrarian Faculty started functioning in ATSU, the structural unit of which was the Department of Subtropical Crops Products Technology and is still guided by Professor MakvalaPruidze.
During the last 60 years in the Department, many academic researchers in the field were studying the process of high-qualified specialists in the field of product processing and contributing to the subtropical farming through their scientific achievements.
At present, the Department consists of 9 academic members and 4 technical staff, 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 1 assistant professor, 1 Doctor of PhD and 3 Leading Specialists.
The department is implementing all three cycle educational programs, many members of the department have done many curriculums, syllabuses, methodical guidelines, manuals and supporting textbooks.More than 3 dozens of literature have been written over the last 10 years. Scientific research works in the Department of Chemical Composition of Subtropical Raw Materials, their technological processes for processing and mechanical maintenance. Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students are involved in research activities. The academic staff of the Department has published several hundred publications.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Makvala Pruidze Full Professor
2 Ketevan Kintsurashvili Full Professor
3 Varlam Aplakovi Associate Professor
4 Ekaterine Bendeliani Associate Professor
5 Ekaterien Kakhniashvili Associate Professor
6 Malkhaz Mikaberidze Associate Professor
7 Nana Gogishvili Associate Professor
8 Tamar Khurtsidze Associate Professor
9 Nana Katamadze Asistent-Professor
10 Shorena Chakvetadze Laborer, PhD student
11 Eliso Chikhladze The Laborer
12 Manana Gogokhia The Laborer
13 Khatuna Sulaberidze The Laborer