Agrarian Faculty was founded in ATSU in January 2011 at the Subtropical State University of Georgia (by joining Akaki Tsereteli State University as a result of reorganization of Sokhumi State Teaching University).Agrarian Faculty was created by the Faculties of Reorganized University: "Subtropical Farming and Landscape Architecture" and "Subtropical Crops Mechanization and Technology". At this point the faculty has gone through a very difficult, painful but worthy and well-known way. This path was started in the second half of the XX century when it was necessary for Georgia to prepare subtropical farming field for the development of specialists with appropriate knowledge. The faculty roots come from Tbilisi, in 1929, at the Agricultural Faculty of Tbilisi State University founded a Agricultural Institute.
In 1933-1934 academic year, the Department of Subtropical Economics was created in the Agricultural Institute of Georgia. Subsequently, subtropical agriculture was mainly represented on the territory of Western Georgia, on the basis of this faculty. In Kutaisi on 26 January 1952 (Resolution # 481 of the Council of Ministers) was established Kutaisi Agricultural Institute, which was awarded to the following faculties:
1. “Subtropical Farm" and “Decorative Horticulture")
2. Mechanization of Subtropical farming;
3. Fruit, vegetable and subtropical crops
4. Breeding
By the Resolution of the Government of Georgia on April 11, 1959 (# 282), Kutaisi Agricultural Institute, with the purpose of approaching the main zone of subtropical crops, was moved to In Sokhumi it was called the Institute of Subtropical Economy of Georgia.
In Sokhumi, the institute was functioning until September 1993. His rectors were: GiorgiGoletiani (1952-1957), IvaneGiorgberidze (1957-1973), RevazChkhaidze (1973-1975), Napoleon Karkashadze (1975-1990), VakhtangPruidze (1990-1997).
1992-1993 As a result of tragedy in Abkhazia, the highest institution became IDP in Kutaisi, where he resumed the training process under the direction. of Professor VakhtangPruidze, on December 19, 1993.The collective managed to organize the faculties and chairs in the shortest possible time, and since 1996 has started a full-fledged learning process.
1997-2005 The Institute and then the University was led by Professor Guram Kilasonia. The University has a student scientific community and 6 faculties: Subtropical Agrobusiness; Agricultural mechanization; Agricultural product technology; Economy; Tourism and resort service; Public professions.
In 1963-2006 the University was initially functioning at the Supreme Attestation Commission of the USSR, and later the Georgian Dissertation Board, from which 107 out of 670 dissertations were nominated for the Scientific Doctor's degree.
2005-2008 Professor Nugzar Ebanoidze was headed by the State University of Subtropics, but ,since 2008, before reaching ATSU, his rector was Professor Roland Kopaliani.
2011-2014 Professor Ramaz Kiladze was headed by Agrarian Faculty as a structural entity, and from 2014 till now Prof.Ketevan Kintsurashvili, Dean of Faculty.
The Agrarian Faculty carries out several programs of higher education and professional educationwithin the scope of the competence of all interested organizations, or by creating a highly qualified specialists with private sector and student-oriented learning environment.

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