Virtual Laboratory for Smart Solar Systems Simulation

The laboratory concept was developed within the ERASMUS+ CBHE Project: Boosting the role of HEls in the industrial transformation towards the Industry 4.0 paradigm in Georgia and Ukraine.

In terms of the Industry 4.0 paradigm, the educational programs involve laboratory works on Smart Solar Systems simulation which are introduced in a syllabus of the discipline Renewable energy (solar, wind) generating equipment, devices, technological schemes and bases of design”.

The Laboratory is aimed at providing simulation of power generation and distribution in the smart solar systems.

The laboratory was arranged for Master students specialized in Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering, with an option for broadening target groups in the future (eg: short courses for professional organizations of architects and so on). 

Laboratory activities are as follows:

Laboratory work No.1 Heliostation with effective mountainous landscape

Laboratory work No. 2 The landscape efficiency criteria. Statistics and estimated data.

Laboratory work No. 3 Solar panel arrays. Nodes and components.

Laboratory work No. 4 Solar plant with two-axis tracker

The laboratory works have been prepared by the Academic doctor who has experience in solar panels design

Equipment purchased within the project: 16 computers, projector, screen and monitor unit.

Software used: Energy 3D simulation-based engineering tool used for designing green buildings and power stations.

Free version available on the link:   


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