• Drafting the general budget project of the university, executing the approved budget according to the mandated rule;
• Coordinating and managing the university economic, financial and industrial activities;
• Accounting-reporting the university financial and material resources (preparing documents) and their monitoring in accordance with the legislation;
• Material-technical provision of the university;
• Organizing implementation of procurements;
• Organizing stocktaking of the main facilities, monetary funds and commodity material values within the timeframes set by the legislation;
• Annually define the necessary capital, constructing and S repair works for the university and considering and approving the relevant acts on faults and accountings;
• Organizing the university communal-general service;
• General supervision of the activities in the university educational and support structural units’ financial and material resources management field;
• Working out proposals within the competence;
• Implementing other authorities defined by the legislation;
• Fulfilling particular tasks and instructions of the Rector of the university and /or Head of the Administration.
Simon Kakhiani – Head of Planning and State Procurement Section office
David Ivaneishvili - Chief Specialist
Eliko Oniani - Chief Specialist
Tina Jvania - Senior Specialist
Maka Kalandadze - Senior Specialist
Ineza Tsereteli - Specialist
Nana Kublashvili - Specialist
Khatuna Gorgaslidze - Specialist
Neli Asatiani - Specialist
Irakli Chanqseliani - Specialist

Merab Saghinadze – Head of Material Resources Management Section office
Merab Demetradze - Chief Specialist
Akhmed Mindeli - Chief Specialist
Gela Gachechiladze - Senior Specialist
Tamaz Gorgaslidze - Head of the Warehouse
Badri Qashibadze - Head of the Repair Group
Ramaz Kiladze - Head of Landscape Design Group

Lia Baqradze - Head of Accounting-reporting group
Madona Geguchadze - Manager of Non-budget Funds
Manoni Zhvania - Senior Specialist
Marina Giorkhelidze - Senior Specialist
Cicino Ckhvediani - Senior Specialist
Natalia Sokhadze - Senior Specialist
Tina Bardzimashvili - Senior Specialist
Larisa Lemsveridze - Specialist
Dali Kurashvili - Specialist
Tamar Berekashvili - Specialist
Maka Laliashvili - Specialist
Zhaira Sadiliani - Specialist
Leila Tavadze - Specialist
Makvala Kekelia - Specialist
Envera Bebia - Specialist
Ana Abuladze – Specialist
Contact Information:
Tamar Mepe #59
ATSU III Building, #3112 Room
☏ 0431 24 31 79

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