Functions and Responsibilities of the Service:
1. Development and implementation of the university personnel management strategy and forming personnel policies;
2. Development of institutional and organizational basis and mechanisms of management of university personnel;
3. Promotion and coordination of introduction of modern methods of labor organization and human resource management;
4. Creation of the university personnel database;
5. Systemic analysis of stability, movement and outflow of university personnel, determining the main causes and trends and providing relevant analytical materials and recommendations to the university administration;
6. Ensuring transparency of the university personnel management system; preparation of relevant projects for the development and implementation of personnel management strategies and policies;
7. Methodological-practical support, organization, management, coordination and control of personnel of the university;
8. Systemic and business cooperation with the leaders of educational and support structural units of the university staff management and their methodological consultations in this field; general coordination of activities in the field of human resource management of university management bodies, university educational and support structural units;
9. Analysis of activities of the University management bodies, educational and support structural units in the field of human resource management;
10. Keeping personal files, employment records and length of service of university personnel, systematization of obtained information - creation of modern information database and its systematic updating, periodic analysis of personnel management processes and preparation of recommendations for their perfection;
11. Consulting the university staff with their legal status and issues related to their service;
12. Methodical-practical and organizational support for the preparation of descriptions of the staff of the University, coordination and management of this work;
13. Participation in elaboration and determination of university training programs for training and upgrading qualification of university personnel, determining the needs for preparation and implementation of these programs, coordination and control of their implementation, establishing a valuable system and civilized rules of behavior for the university staff;
14. Implementation of procedures (appointment and dismissal from position, labor contracts, vacations, promotion of employees and disciplinary liability and other documents) and their fulfillment in compliance with the requirements of legislation; creation of an effective mechanism for improvement of social security of the university staff;
15. Participation in the process of development and improvement of internal regulations of the university, labor discipline control, improvement of the labor discipline and enhancing the responsibility of service providers, obtaining relevant information, analyzing it and periodically submitting it to the Rector;
16. Developing proposals in the field of its competence;
17. Carrying out various tasks and instructions of the university Rector and/or Head of the administration.
Head of the Service – Nato Tsuleiskiri
Deputy Head of the Service – Givi Lobjanidze
Senior specialist – Natela Jaoshvili
Specialist – Nana Abesadze
Specialist – Mineri Kharabaze
Specialist – Manana Khvedelidze
Specialist – Maia Julakidze
Specialist – Nino Chakhunashvili

Military Accounting and Mobilization Department
Head of the Department – Badri Zambakhidze
Specialist – Inga Gigiadze
Specialist – Nanuli Khuchua
Specialist – Tinatin Kapanadze
Specialist – Vakhtang Gulua
Contact Information:
Tamar Mepe #59
ATSU IV Building, Room #4101
☏ 0431 24 51 72

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