The department of Classical and Roman Philology at Akaki Tsereteli State University  has existed in its current form since 2012.  It encompasses two main directions: 1. French Philology 2.  Classical Philology.  French Philology  is one of the oldest direction at ATSU. It has existed ever since the first higher Education Institution opened in Kutaisi in 1933.  Kutaisi school of French Philology  has always been outstanding for its academism, innovative  teaching methods and warm educational climate.
Famous francophones- Pati Ghogieli, Nora Kublashvili, Medea Lortkipanidze, Lily Kravchenko and others not only raised up the next generation but also left a team of professionals,  and maintain their dignity of their work and carry on what they have already started. At present  the French philology provide all of three cycles of higher education- Bechelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s programs.
The specialists  of French Philology directions are actively involved in local and international trainings,scientific forums, Summer schools in France or  other countries. The direction of Classical Philology  has existed  at University since 1991. The direction started functioning with one teacher and a few books in the library, however, for many years; Eter Medzvelia has been reading the antique literature with distinctive taste.
Currently  Classical  Philology directions has had Doctor’s (since 20121) additional courses(since 2014)and Master’s program (since 2016) under coordination of  2 professors, two associate  professors, 1 assistan- professor,two invited contract teachers, doctors of philology. In the nearest future students admission to Undergraduate Programs Bachelor's Programs  will be announced . ATSU philologists Philologologists take active part international projects.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Zaal Liluashvili Full Professor
2 Nino Chikhladze Full Professor
3 Vera Tsereteli Associate Professor
4 Shorena Barbakadze Associate Professor
5 Natia Pertaia Asistent-Professor
6 Zurab Archvadze Full Professor
7 Ekaterine Gachechiladze Associate Professor
8 Lia Nozadze Associate Professor
9 Miranda Lomidze Associate Professor
10 Ketevan Rekhviashvili Asistent-Professor
11 Nino Buadze Asistent-Professor