Department of English Studies in its current form has only existed since 2011 and it encompasses directions for English language and English literature. It is the successor of the  department of foreign languages (English, German, French).In 1995 English Languge Department separated from the former department and was headed by  Professor Madona Megrelishvili. Department of English Language is one of the biggest and oldest departments at University. Throughout its existence, it has always been outstanding for high academism and professionalism and innovative projects. It was the first department, which introduced European model of teaching, which is student centered and guarantees studying English Language and Literature at high level.
Department of English Pilology implements educational programmes of allthree cycles of higher education – Bechelor’s and Master’s program”English Language and Literature” and Doctore’s program “Contrastive linguistics”. Highly qualified personnel including 2 professors, 13 assiciate professors and 10 assistant professors maintain successful implementation of the programs.
For the purpose of developing innovative teaching methods, the department invites British and American experts and gives opportunities to the lecturers pursuing further qualifications.
It is noteworthy that, the department is working with different students circle network and societies such as : Student's scientific circles, translation centre, English Language Club.
Along with students, pupils from cities, towns and rural areas participate in annual conference “Briitsh, American and Georgian Intercultural Communication Essays”. Students of the Faculty of English Language and Literature are actively involved in international exchange programs and they are distinguished and successful.
Our graduates are employed in educational institutions and international organizations in Georgia and abroad.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Madona Megrelishvili Full Professor
2 Ekaterine Archvadze Associate Professor
3 Rusudan Gvilava Associate Professor
4 Irma Grdzelidze Associate Professor
5 Natia Zviadadze Associate Professor
6 Tamar Tvaladze Asistent-Professor
7 Ekaterine Topuria Associate Professor
8 Maia Alavidze Associate Professor
9 Nino Nijaradze Associate Professor
10 Ketevan Dogonadze Asistent-Professor
11 Ekaterine Kurdadze Asistent-Professor
12 Ekaterine Oniani Associate Professor
13 Nino Demetradze Asistent-Professor
14 Mariam Chikovani Asistent-Professor
15 Sopio Kipiani Asistent-Professor
16 Nunu Charkviani Asistent-Professor
17 Zinaida Chachanidze Asistent-Professor
18 Irma Rusadze Asistent-Professor
19 Nana Gorgodze Asistent-Professor
20 Irakli Tskhvediani Full Professor
21 Eliso Pantskhava Associate Professor
22 Tamar Kobeshavidze Associate Professor
23 Makvala Koguashvili Associate Professor
24 Natalia Imedashvili Associate Professor
25 Nana Gubeladze Associate Professor

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