Department of  Georgian Philology consists of three main directions. 1. Georgian Language ; 2. Georgian Literature 3. General Linguistics.
The department has been in its present form since 2011 and it was formed as a result of unifying three independent departments (Department of Georgian Language, Department of Georgian Literature and Department of General  Linguistics). The Department is staffed by highly qualified personnel. Mainly, its academic personnel consists of 9 professors, 15 associate professors and 1 assistant-professor. The department provides Bachelor´s, Master’s and Doctor’s study programmes for each cycle of higher education. The members of the department are actively engaged in active scientific work. They regularly participate in both national and international scientific conferences and symposiums.

  Various kinds of scientific activities dedicated to the problematic issues of Kartvelology are frequently conducted under coordination of the department. Research Institute of Kartvelian Dialectology is functioning under guidance and active involvement of above mentioned staff, which annually pubishes International scientific journal "Kartvelian Heritage”. Scientific papers of the members of the department are published as separate books in both our country and foreign scientific periodicals.
Students' scientific circles in Georgian language, literature and general sciences function successfully. There exists a circle of young writers as well. The members of the department also successfully serve as foreign students of our university, as well as various curriculum internships and foreign exchange students.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Tamar Akhvlediani Associate Professor
2 Omar Gvetadze Full Professor
3 Avtandil Nikoleishvili Full Professor
4 Maia Mikautadze Associate Professor
5 Nato Gulua Associate Professor
6 Ketevan Dekanozishvili Associate Professor
7 Luka Dvalishvili Associate Professor
8 Zeinab Kikvidze Associate Professor
9 Nestan Kutivadze Full Professor
10 Nora Nikoladze-Lomsianidze Associate Professor
11 Tengiz Gumberidze Associate Professor
12 Lela Chogovadze Associate Professor
13 Nazi Khelaia Full Professor
14 Gia Khoperia Associate Professor
15 Zaal Kikvidze Full Professor
16 Nato Tsuleiskiri Associate Professor
17 Irine Chachanidze Associate Professor
18 Marina Katsarava Full Professor
19 Tariel Putkaradze Full Professor
20 Rusudan Saginadze Full Professor
21 Tamar Lomtadze Full Professor
22 Nino Pkhakadze Associate Professor
23 Eka Dadiani Associate Professor
24 Izolda Rusadze Associate Professor
25 Marine Kukhalashvili Associate Professor
26 Luiza Khachapuridze Asistent-Professor

ვებ გვერდი ოპტიმიზირებულია შშმ პირებისთვის.