The department of History and Archeology has existed in its current form since 2011 and it combines the following educational and scientific directions: History of Georgia, World History, History of Archeology, Culture, and Art Studies. The department's workforce includes all active-duty members who used to be staff of former departments of History of Georgia, World History, The history of culture, The history of Georgian political thinking, Aesthetic upbringing of  Georgian Polytechnic Institute.
The department of History started functioning from 1933 when Kutaisi Pedagogical Institute was established. At different times it was under guidance of Sargis Kakabadze, Luka Tsikhistavi, Niko Berdzenishvili, Giorgi Mchedlidze, Peter Vachridze. The department of World History was created  in 1933 and it was headed by Teimuraz Chumburidze, Nikoloz Dubrovsky, Alexander Namoradze, Shalva Abramidze, Levan Svanadze, Omar Lanchava. The department of History of Culture was established in 1990 and Omar Lanchava headed it until 2006.
 The department of History of Georgian Political Thinking was founded in 1992 and it was chaired by Demur Moniava, Vazha Chkhaidze and Konstantine Khurtsilava. As a result of the reorganization of  the University in 2005, some academic staff of above mentioned departmet joined the Faculty of Humanities.The department of History was established in 2005 after the department of  Georgian History and the department of Georgian Political Thinking had unified.
In 2006  the Department of  Georgian History  joined  the Department of Georgian History of Kutaisi Niko Muskhelishvili State Technical University. In 2011 the Department of History of Georgia was unified with the department of World History,  Department of Archeology and  Antiquities with the directions of Archeology, Culture History and Art Studies, separated from the Faculty of Social Sciences and joined the Faculty of Humanities.
The acting head of department is Professor  Sulkhan Kuprashvili. There are 4 professors, 3 emeriti, 19 associate professors and  4 assistant professors working at the department.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Tamta Turmanidze Associate Professor
2 Shorena Phakadze Assistant-Professor
3 Irina Sarukhanova Associate Professor
4 Davit Shavianidze Associate Professor
5 Merab Chumburidze Associate Professor
6 Rusudan Miqautadze Associate Professor
7 Mate Khvedelidze Associate Professor
8 Goderdzi Vatchridze Associate Professor
9 Roland Isakadze Associate Professor
10 Sulkhan Kuprashvili Professor
11 Eldar Tavberidze Associate Professor
12 Omar Nishnianidze Professor
13 Vladimer Tsverava Professor
14 Madona Robaqidze Associate Professor
15 Lia Gabunia Associate Professor
16 Kakhaber Qebuladze Associate Professor
17 Otar Nikoleishvili Associate Professor
18 Davit Tsuleiskiri Associate Professor
19 Omar Lanchava Professor
20 Davit Tsitaishvili Associate Professor
21 Inga Abramidze Associate Professor
22 Tariel Chighvaria Associate Professor
23 Laureta Qatsarava Associate Professor
24 Evgeni Bliadze Associate Professor
25 Ramaz Khatchapuridze Associate Professor
26 Nona Qartsidze Associate Professor
27 Levan Svanadze Emeritus