Language centre representsa structural unit of Akaki Tsereteli State University. Language Center was created on the basis of the reorganization of the Faculty in 2011 and aims at raising language proficiency across university. Language centre combines four language directions: English, German, French and Russian.
It coordinates  and improves foreign language teaching for academic degree programs and involves compulsory and optional courses in the proposed languages. Each course includes three stages(Foreign Language 1,Foreign Language 2, ForeignLanguage 3). Each course is divided into three consecutive semesters. The center also implements the sectorial foreign languages in compliance with the curriculum of the faculties.

Language center offers university students elective ciurses of Italian Language as well.Language center employs  an expert staff who have undergone career- related international training. The administration of Language Center is  represented by three  staff members: the head of the langiage center, academic program coordinator and a  specialist.It employs 20 teachers, 32 invited  specialists and 50 hourly-paid teachers.

To drive international contacts Language center is actively involved in international programs. ATSU Language center of the faculty of Humanities is comprised of highly professional staff and promotes proficienct based labguage teaching with    innovative teaching methods and a wide range of non- auditory activities.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Natia Zviadadze Head of Language Center
2 Mariam Babukhadia Teacher
3 Tamar Grigalashvili Teacher
4 Nino Tavidashvili Teacher
5 Evgenia Kobeshavidze Teacher
6 Maia Nachkepia Teacher
7 Lida Oboladze Teacher
8 Lela Oniani Teacher
9 Ana Phiphia Teacher
10 Qristine Tchokholedize Teacher
11 Inga Gorgadze Teacher
12 Marina Kutchukhidze Coordinator of Academic Programs
13 Tinatin Meburishvili Teacher
14 Manana Papava Teacher
15 Qetevan Zhorzholiani Teacher
16 Mzia Pharqosadze Teacher
17 Mzia Kostava Teacher
18 Qetevan Sophromadze Teacher
19 Tea Dashniani Teacher
20 Dali Zautashvili Teacher
21 Maia Oqropirashvili Teacher

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