Department of Oriental Philology was founded in 1990 under initiative of Guram Chikovani. In 1995, on the basis of the department of Oriental Philology departments of Semiotology,  Iranistics(Iranian studies) Turkology/Turkish Studies were established. As a result of unifying these three department a new department of Near Eastern Studies gained foothold (under guidance of  professor  Guram Chikovani), which has been the department of Oriental Philology since 2011(the head of the department- Professor  Nomadi Bartia). The Department of Oriental Philology is successfully conducting Bachelors, Master’s and Doctor’s programs in Arabic, Turkish and Persian philology.
The above-mentioned programs are also chosen by foreign students. It is noteworthy that, within a given time period, qualified young staff was prepared who successfully defended doctoral thesis.
At present, the members of the department are as follows:
1)    Arabic Philology: Prof.  G. Chikovani, Assiciate Professor Z. Tskhvediani, associate Professor L. Kvelidze, Associate Professor L. Avaliani, Doctor of Philology M Kutelia, Assistant Professor S. Imedadze, Assistant Professor  V. Tevdoradze, Doctor of Philology D. Moseshvili, teacher  S. Laghadze, Teacher  N. Jikia
2)    Turkology: Emeritus Ts. Abuladze, Doctor of Philology  G. Shakulashvili, Associate Professor G. Kamushadze, Associate Professor G. Kamushadze, Associate Professor N. Dangadze, Associate Professor  M. Buskivadze. Teacher I. Asatiani, Teacher I. Margvelashvili.
3)    Persian Philology: Professor  N. Bartia, Associate Professor P. Japaridze, Associate Professor N. Svintradze, Doctor o philology N. Ugrekhelidze, Doctor of philosophy T Demetrashvili, teacher G. Gogia, Teacher M. Shishinashvili(the specialistof the department.)The department also has technical assistants: V Lomtadze and M. Susareishvili and International Conference on Orientalism is annually held in Kutaisi.
Professors and teachers of the Department of Oriental Philology are regularly trained and participate in training programs in higher education institutions of Egypt, Turkey and Iran. Arabistics Turkology and Iranistics cabinets are equipped with high standard inventory  and literature.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Tsisana Abuladze Emeritus
2 Nomadi Bartaia Full Professor
3 Leila Kvelidze Associate Professor
4 Zviad Tskhvediani Associate Professor
5 Paata Japaridze Associate Professor
6 Giga Kamushadze Associate Professor
7 Lela Avaliani Associate Professor
8 Natia Svintradze Associate Professor
9 Sopio Imedadze Asistent-Professor
10 Vakhtang Tevdoradze Associate Professor