The department of  Russian Language and Literature was founded  in February, 1933 after the establishment of the Akaki Ksereteli State University( formely sulukidze State Pedagogical Institute) In 1935 the Department of world and RussianLiterature was established. The department of Russian Literature  separated from the former department  in 1937 and it was headed by the docent  Ana Chkheidze. The department of Russian Language and Literature   of ATSU (formely Al. sulukidze State Pedagogical Institute) functioned under guidance of the following  docents at different periods of time such as: Ksenofont  Kvantre Giorgi Makharoblidze, Gulnara Kutateladze, Givi Nanava, Ana Kurtskhalia, Elene Iagovkina, Mzia Parkosadze, Inga Kikvidze.

Professors who have successfully worked in this field over the yearsa are as follows: Siko Vachadze, Giorgi Rogava, and Dimitri Chanturidze; Docents Roza Makleri, Nikoloz Nutsubidze, Rebecca Pevnaya, etc. The department of Russian Literature was headed by docents: Giorgi Taliashvili, Pati Gokieli, Nikoloz Maisuradze, Vakhtang Alania, Professor Vera Otskheli. Docents working at the department are:  Ketevan Kilasonia, Ia Adeishvili, Ira Idakrotenko and others.
In 2005  the department of Russian Language and  the department of Russian Literature were unified and the department of Slavic Philology was created.(The head of the department-Ira Idakrotenko. Currently the head of the department is Prof. Inga Kikvidze. The staff working at the department involves 3 Professors, 4 associate professors, 5 assistan professors, 1 invited specialist. The department  implements  bechelor’s, Master’s  programs and additive (minor) programs.
Professors of the Department have worked fruitfully for  the improvement of Russian and literary studies and scientific and pedagogical qualifications.
They issue important scientific papers: monographs, manuals, scientific studies; actively participate  in the interstate relations. The Department is a collective member of the International Association of Teachers

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Vera Otskheli Full Professor
2 Iraida Krotenko Full Professor
3 Inga Kikvidze Full Professor
4 Elene Iagovkina Asistent-Professor
5 Nona Bobokhidze Associate Professor
6 Neli Sitchinava Asistent-Professor
7 Ia Adeishvili Associate Professor
8 Ia Zumbulidze Associate Professor
9 Mzia Tsertsvadze Associate Professor
10 Nadejda Kajaia Associate Professor
11 Vera Kvantre Asistent-Professor
12 Ana Chikvaidze Asistent-Professor
13 Nanuli Melkadze Asistent-Professor

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