The Faculty of Humanities was created through the merger of three Faculties of great traditions-faculty of   European Philology and Arts, the Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of History.
The faculty of Humanities is one of the biggest and oldest faculties with great traditions. A wide range of directions manifests how successfully the oldest and most ancient cultures and worlds coexist.
The Faculty’s main aim is to organise and implement studies, create tradition centered  environment in compliance with modern standards to  ensure future-oriented education and the coherence of teaching and research process.
 The faculty of Humanities has over 1700 students enrolled and 127 professors, 71 associate professors, 26 assistan professors and 4 emeriti train them.
The faculty is provided with computer-classes, well –equipped sectoral cabinets, Conference Hall, International Club. Rich book fund concerning sectorial fields is available for students.
Language, linguistic, literary and scientific-creative clubs and circles are functioning with relevant departments, which play a significant role in the personal and intellectual development of students.
The Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences annually publishes scientific and literary journals. Faculty academic staff and students are actively involved in translation work.
Faculty activities are carried out in the following fields of education and science such as: Philology (Georgian, English, German, French, Classical, Russian, Oriental) History, Archeology, Philosophy, Art Studies, Culturology, American Studies, European Studies.
The motto of the faculty defines its fundamental mission to enhance knowledge for life and work based on strong roots and traditions and develop the next generation of educated, professional and highly competitive citizens.