Functions and Responsibilities of the Service:
• Administration of the computer network at the university and ensuring its proper functioning;
• Regulating relationships with internet providers in order to ensure the connection with the international global network; ensuring necessary technical conditions to maintain connection with the global network; controlling the quality of the internet service;
• Fostering provision of the university managing bodies, the university educational and support structural units with computer technologies; technical supervision of the university computer park, providing its proper work, renewal and widening;
• Fostering selection-purchasing and working out programmic modules for the purpose of implementation of the university goals, the main directions of its activities and its priorities; Regularly check that the existing programmic assurance – information technologies meet the modern requirements;
• Working out proposals on the main directions of information technologies development at the university; studying and generalizing the expertise in the sphere of information technologies;
• Giving consultations to the users of the university computer park in case there arise any kinds of technical or/and programmic problem while working on the computers.

Head Of Office - Otar Shengelia.
The office consists with three departments:
University Network Managemen Department (George Maghlakelidze),
Technical Assurance Department (Lasha Sokhadze),
Software Assurance Department (Qetevan Chelidze).
Contact Information:

Tamar Mepe #59,
III Building, Room #2201

Tel: (+995) 0431 25 28 71


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