English structured Department of Basic, Preclinical and Clinical Medicine

The English structured Department of Basic, Preclinical and Clinical Medicine provides academic support for education program of Medical Doctor. The Unit is provided with training-methodological resources and material - technical facilities.
The coordinator of the department is Doctor of Medicine Professor Irine Pkhakadze.
In the mentioned department the appropriately qualified and experienced academic staff 2 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors are engaged in pedagogical activities. Besides, the leading specialists of the field from the city hospital sector are actively involved in the teaching process of the study courses, the leading medical - diagnostic facilities of the city health care service provider are involved in its implementation.
Well-equipped simulation center has been established at the faculty to master and train clinical skills, to manipulate techniques in mannequins and simulators in the clinical case review process.
The program assures all kinds of the student oriented environment with suggesting the numerous services and supports the students to be involved in the ongoing process at the University.

# სახელი და გვარი აკადემიური თანამდებობა CV
1 Irine Pkhakadze Professor
2 Tamar Valishvili Professor
3 Tamar Janelidze Associate Professor
4 Manana Chikhladze Associate Professor
5 Koba Kiknavelidze Assistant Professor
6 Dali Shonvadze Assistant Professor