Department of Basic and Preclinical Medicine

The Department of Basic and Preclinical Medicine has been providing academic support for higher medical education programs. There are included the directions of morphology, pathology and public health. The coordinator of this course is the Doctor of Medicine assistant professor Nino Jojua.
In the mentioned department in pedagogical activities are engaged 3 Professors, 2 Assistant Professors and the leading specialists of the field from the city hospital sector.
The aim of the department is to ensure a medical doctor with a thorough knowledge of basic medical sciences, as well as the ability to apply and uphold moral values and ethical principles in medical practice, also to prepare student for professional development throughout life.
By introducing the PBL method (problem-based learning), at the initial stage of learning the student is motivated to: increase his/her knowledge and be constantly involved in the research and diagnosis of patients. The teaching format as a whole (including methods) is also unique from the standpoint of development of students’ critical thinking and other general competences that are important to the future clinician (especially emphasizing the advantage of this method for developing clinical decision-making skills).

# სახელი და გვარი აკადემიური თანამდებობა CV
1 Taisa Grdzelidze Professor
2 Nana Shavlakadze Professor
3 Guguli Chkhobadze Professor
4 Sopio Gamkrelidze Assistant-Professor
5 Nino Jojua Assistant-Professor