Covid-19 Management Simulation Training

Given the current global challenge, it is particularly relevant to provide the general public with the right information on the epidemiological significance ofsocial distancing, the role of medical staff, including future physicians, for differentiating panic manifestations from rational prudence is increasing.

Kutaisi Referral Hospital Management, together with ATSU Faculty of Medicine Administration, has planned and delivered Covid-19 Management Simulation Training online for students of Medicine and Medicine+ PBL programs. The questions of the students were answered by Mikheil Shavgulidze, Head of Clinical Quality Department, Invited Lecturer of Faculty of Medicine. Irine Pkhakadze, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, summarized the importance of sharing the experience of simulation training.

ვებ გვერდი ოპტიმიზირებულია შშმ პირებისთვის.