ATSU Announcement

Dear students,

Depending on the current situation in the country, the university will take necessary steps to help you pay your tuition.

The university has the following regulations:

A) The tuition fee is divided into 4 stages and, according to the agreement signed between the student and the university, provides the following payment terms:

September 30;

December 20;

March 20;

4. May 20.

B) Students may pay tuition fees no later than 2 weeks after the expiry of the above deadlines, without suspending student status. At this time, it is not necessary to apply for a postponement to the administration;

C) Upon the expiry of the period referred to in point (b), the student is suspended and cannot receive any services from the University. However, within the next 2 weeks, if the tuition is repaid, the student will be reinstated based upon his / her application;

You can send your application to ATSU Student Support and Development Service (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +995577668488) using your corporate mail only. You can find a sample application, instructions for writing and submitting the application on the University's official website ( and the YouTube channel using the following links:

* - Student application sample;

* - video instruction for writing and submitting applications;

The student's written application for financial problems (which at the same time is a confirmation of the student's commitment to academic or financial responsibilities), will enable the University to:

* To plan the teaching / learning process on the one hand, identify the financial stability guarantees of the organization and the associated risks;

* On the other hand, given the current situation, try to support students as much as possible.

Stay healthy!

ვებ გვერდი ოპტიმიზირებულია შშმ პირებისთვის.