World Science Day and Faculty of Agriculture

Despite the severe epidemics in our country, it is noteworthy that a number of scientific, public or private structures, perform their duties with great responsibility in compliance with the established regulations.

The list of such organizations includes Akaki Tsereteli State University and the Georgian National Academy of Sciences. In collaboration with them, the celebration of World Science Day established by UNESCO this year turned out to be especially memorable for three distinguished professors of our university (because of their scientific merits). The honoured ones are: Miss Madonna Megrelishvili; Mr. Omar Kikvidze and Miss Roza Lortkipanidze.
The Faculty of Agriculture notes with great pride that: The President of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Academician Giorgi Kvesitadze awarded the Head of the Department of Agronomic Sciences of the Faculty of Agriculture, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Rosa Lortkipanidze with "Certificate of Honour of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences" for scientific achievements in the field of agriculture.
Professor Roza Lortkipanidze has come a long and interesting way in scientific, pedagogical and socio-political activities. She is the head of bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs, the editor-in-chief of the scientific journal "Agro NEWS", one of the founders of the non-governmental organizations: "Georgian Green Movement"; Founder and Chairwoman of Imereti Agro-Ecological Association; Vice President of the Georgian Society of Soil Scientists, Chairman of the Kutaisi Council of the Nobles of Georgia, participant / member of the Eastern European Congress, author of 130 scientific papers, 15 textbooks and three monographs, participant and organizer of numerous scientific and practical international and republican conferences. Head of University Projects, Member of the Parliament of Georgia (1992-2004) three-time convocation.
The Faculty of Agriculture, expressing its deep respect to the administration of Akaki Tsereteli State University and the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, shows gratitude for appreciating the scientific merit of Professor Roza Lortkipanidze.
December 2 is the birthday of Miss Roza Lortkipanidze. We would like to congratulate her on this day and the great scientific recognition.