The Chair of Pedagogy was established in 1933 when Kutaisi Pedagogical Institute was founded. In 1952, the Chairs of Pedagogy and Psychology was unified and the Chair of Pedagogy-Psychology was created. In this way, the Chair was in existence until 1990. In 1990, due to the reorganization of Kutaisi Pedagogical Institute into university, the Chair of Pedagogy-Psychology was divided and the Chair of Pedagogy was formed as an independent unit.
The Chair had served for the upbringing of future teachers for years. It has its own legitimacy and requests relevant research. The Chair conducted its work in this respect. Particular attention was paid to the problem of interaction between pedagogical science and pedagogical practice, the knowledge of which has been the core for the competence of each teacher.
In 2006, on the reorganization of Akaki Tsereteli State University, the Chair of Pedagogy was renamed Pedagogic Department by the University Rector’s order.
Since 2006, the Department has been implementing the following programs: 1. Bachelor’s programs: primary education, teacher prep (minor program), teacher prep (one year program); Master’s programs: Education Sciences; Methodology and Methodology of a Subject (group of subjects); 3. Doctoral programs: Education Sciences; Theory and History of Pedagogy.
Since 2010, significant steps have been taken in the Department for the implementation of  Inclusive Education.
Over the years, special attention has been paid to the organization and improvement of pedagogical practice. Students deepen theoretical knowledge received in pedagogy, teaching and development theories, inclusive education, training course methodologies. They practically get acquainted with the modern education system, the basics of its legal construction, forms of teaching organization, assessment system, modern teaching methods. Each student conducts research on the basis of his work, provides relevant recommendations on the improvement of the learning process and practice. All of the above contribute to encouraging love for the pedagogic profession in students.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Imer Basiladze Full Professor
2 Maia Akhvlediani Associate Professor
3 Nino Orjonikidze Associate Professor
4 Nato Kobuladze Associate Professor
5 Iagor Balanchivadze Associate Professor
6 Nato Dvali Associate Professor
7 Ketevan Dzotsenidze Associate Professor
8 Nino Sokhadze Associate Professor
9 Nino Gelenidze Associate Professor
10 Tamar Dograshvili Associate Professor
11 Sopio Moralishvili Associate Professor
12 Irine Gogiberidze Asistent-Professor