Under the resolution of 8 January 1933, which resulted in the restoration of Tbilisi State University, the pedagogical institute moved to Kutaisi and continued functioning from February 13  of the same year. After moving to Kutaisi, a pedological-pedagogical department was created at State Pedagogical Institute - with pedagogy, pedology and polytechnic classes.
From September 1, 1933, the department was transformed into a faculty. 4 years of teaching was instituted instead of 3. I and II years of Pedagogical Faculty completely moved to Kutaisi and the third year remained in Tbilisi for the completion of the study. Aleksandre (Vasil) Prangishvili was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty. From September 1, 1934, the non-attendance sector came from Tbilisi to Kutaisi. The first Dean of the Pedagogical-Pedological Faculty was Prof. Angia Botchorishvili.
Since 1935, there has been a postgraduate degree at the faculty.
In November 1941, the Faculty of Pedagogy stopped to exist due to various reasons. Schools canceled pedagogy as a teaching subject. In 1957, at Pedagogical Institute, at the Faculty of History-Philology, a new specialty "Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Teaching" (Georgian and Russian departments) was added. This specialty was significantly different from the profile of specialties of the pedagogic faculty at the Pedagogical Institute (1933-1941), but it became a worthy successor of the abolished faculty, as it turned out to be the only educational institution in Western Georgia, which developed qualified staff for primary schools and preschool education. It was separated from the Faculty of History-Philology in September 1958 and the faculty of new independent Primary Teaching Methodology was formed. In 1974-75, new specialties were introduced to the faculty: 1. Music and Song; 2. Pedagogy and Psychology of Preschool Education, in 1989 – Pedagogy of Primary Education, Methodology and Russian Language.
In 1933-1990, the following programs were implemented: 1. Pedology, 2. School Pedagogy; 3. Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education; 4. Pedagogy and Psychology of Preschool Education; 5. Pedagogy, Psychology and Esthetics of Preschool 6. Music and Song; 7. Pedagogy of Primary Education, Methodology and Russian Language.
There has been a Dissertation Board since 2007 at the Pedagogical Faculty. The Faculty has been actively involved in local and international projects since 2011. Active student life is going on at the faculty. Today, the faculty is served by 4 professors, 24 associate professors, 2 assistant professors, selected through competition, as well as invited specialists.