General Provisions
Rector’s Office of Akaki Tsereteli State University is operating since 2016.
The Office is a support structural unit of the university.
The Office acts according to the Law of Georgia on “Higher Education”, the Statute of the University, other legislative and statutory acts, decisions made by the governing bodies of the university and these regulations.
The Office is responsible for supporting implementation of the Rector’s rights and obligations perfectly.
Rector’s Office is authorized to: demand and receive all necessary information about the objectives and functions of any structural unit of the university, explanatory materials and other documents; submit problem-solving proposals for different problematic issues to the Rector for further discussion; implement other authorities of the Office granted by the Rector.

The main directions of the Office activities cover the following:
a) support the processes of planning, implementation and monitoring of learning-teaching and scientific- research activities and maintaining communication among the structural units;
b) foster the processes of developing procedures for the university management, learning teaching and scientific activities and maintaining communication among the structural units;
c) coordinating and monitoring processes of the university management and administration;
d) assuring coordination and documentation of the sessions and meetings of the Rector’s Council;
e) assuring the juridical support of the Rector’s managerial decisions;
f) coordinating and monitoring services of student support, internship and development;
g) provide organizational-technical and informative service to the Rector;
h) coordinating the Rector’s relationships and collaboration with different state institutions, international organizations, legal entities of public and private law;
i) coordinating the issues of the Rector’s meetings with the citizens, consultations, reacting to written applications;
j) studying the Georgian and world practice on the issues of learning-teaching and scientific work and preparing reports on them;
k) by the order of the Rector officially prepare information and disseminate it in the name of the university, and other issues related to the Rector’s direct rights and obligations.
The Office is responsible for implementing the functions, that is liable to the Rector of the university and is directly liable to the Head of the Office.
Roland Kopaliani - The Head of the Office;
Lali Morchadze - The Manager of the Office;
Mamuka Ashvetia - Rector’s Councilor-assistant regarding legal issues.
Contact Information:
Tamar Mepe #59
ATSU I Building
Rector’s Office
☏ 0431 24 21 73
The Head of the Office
☏ 577 13 15 02
The Manager of the Office
☏ 577 13 15 51
Rector’s Councilor-assistant regarding legal issues
☏ 577 29 52 88

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