The department of Food Product Technology provides Bachelor´s, Master’s and Doctor’s study programmes.
Bechelor’ s program “Food Technology ” entails two  modules:
1.    Food processing technologies;
2.    Food Commodity science and expertise.
The programs are designed to   meet student needs and to match the requirements of the labour market. The students are   able to raise their competence , develop skills and put what they have learned into practice. They have opportunities to be properly trained in leading enterprises.
Master’s program “Food Technology” enables the graduates to deepen their knowledge with the desired specialization.
Bread and the technology of bread production, technology of meat  and meatr products, Dairy products technology, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage technology, technology of public catering
Doctor’s program “Food Technology” enables postgraduates to  do research in the following  directions:
•    Technology of bread, pastry and confectionery products;
•    Beverage technology;  functional food technologies.
Programmes of higher education offered at threelevels - undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies and The three-cycle higher education system is coordinated by 3 docotrs of science, 7 academic docotrs,including 2 professors and 1 emeritus, 6 associate professor and one technician from technical personnel. The academic personnel of the Department of Food Technology have obtained 5 national scientific and 2 university grants over the past five years within the framework of which the researches have been done for working out innovative  technologies of functional food. Dozens of scientific works have been published in higher ranked journals/ research outlets either in Georgia or abroad. Patents of Georgia confirm developed technology innovation.  Students of all three cycles of higher education are actively involved in current  researches.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Manana Karchava Full Professor
2 Temuri Gvinianidze Full Professor
3 Dodo Tavdidishvili Associate Professor
4 Maria Silagadze Professor Emeritus
5 Eliza Pruidze Associate Professor
6 Gulnara Khetsuriani Associate Professor
7 Alma Kipiani Associate Professor
8 Tsira Khutsidze Associate Professor
9 Irma Berulava Associate Professor