Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry was set up in 1933 simultaneously with the foundation of Kutaisi Pedagogical Institute and it has undergone 80  years of its distinguished existence together with the institute (nowadays – the university). During many years such famous chemists as  Meki Bekaia, Iason Moseshvili, Ivane Gvertsiteli, Luka Chelidze, David Bregvadze,  David Gabriadze, David Supatashvili, Luba Darchia and others worked at the Department of Chemistry. Department of Chemistry still continues its excellent traditions, which were being formed during many years at the cathedra. At present 11 associated professors and one emeritus professor work at the department. Professors and teachers of the department of chemistry actively participate in international scientific conferences in chemistry, where they share their experiences with foreign colleagues. Professors of the department have published their monographs, teaching and methodic course-books. There are two programs at the department of chemistry: Bachelor’s program “Chemistry” and Master’s program “Chemistry”, which in itself includes three modules: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and chemical expertise. We have stipendiary and excellent students. Graduates of the chemical specialization are employed in different fields: in public and private schools, pharmaceutical factories, in laboratories of food and environmental services. In order to enhance the quality of learning, there is a student scientific circle at the department of chemistry, where student prepare reports on the research work done by them. The aim of this circle is to strengthen students’ scientific activity and develop their skills as a chemist-experimenter. Students of the chemical specialty actively participate in the activities that are arranged in public schools with the initiation of the department. Department of Chemistry has its own library besides the university library, which is available for both students and lecturers-teachers. There are laboratories of general and inorganic, physical and colloidal, biochemical and organic chemistry at the department, which are equipped with appropriate chemical reagents and vessels.  We also have reagents storage, where deficient and very expensive chemicals are stored.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Nino Kakhidze Associate Professor
2 Manuchar Chikovani Associate Professor
3 Madona Samkharadze Associate Professor
4 Natalia Kupatashvili Associate Professor
5 Nana Megrelishvili Associate Professor
6 Avtandil Porchkhidze Associate Professor
7 Izolda Lomsianidze Associate Professor
8 Magdana Jikia Associate Professor
9 Alegi Chubinidze Associate Professor
10 Izolda Didbaridze Associate Professor
11 Nariko Endeladze Associate Professor
12 Bela Gogichaishvili Associate Professor