Computer Technologies Department

Department of Computer Technologies was set up on May 17, 2006 in Kutaisi as a result of merging two state universities and it united the Cathedra of Informatics of Akaki Tsereteli State University and the Department of Information Technologies of  N. Muskhelishvili  State Technical University (Head of the Department: DPMS (Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences)- Ak. Girgvliani). The latter has been functioning since April 30, 2004 and it was created on the base of the three cathedras: Cathedra of Informatics and Computer Science (Head of the Cath.: CTS (Candidate of Technical Sciences) -T. Pestvenidze) has been functioning since 1984, Cathedra of Automatics and Technological Process Automation (Head of the Cath.: DTS (Doctor of Technical Sciences) - A. Bardavelidze) has been functioning since 2000, Cathedra of Information Systems (Head of the Cath.: CTS (Candidate of Technical Sciences) - D. Zautashvili) has been functioning since 2000. On each cathedra united at the Department students were admitted on the following specialties: Informatics- Foreign Language (qualification – Information Technologies Specialist), Programmic Assurance of Computer Techniques and Automated Systems (qualification – Information Technologies Specialist), Management and Computer Automation (qualification – Engineer-Technologists), Economics and Business of Information Systems (qualification – Economist-Information Technologies Specialist).
All these specialties were and are available on the Master’s program. The graduates successfully get employed in different financial-economic, managerial and everyday state and private services.
Today the Department employs 39 workers, among them: 3 full professors, 11 associated professors, 1 assistant professor and 24 invited specialists with various kinds of work contracts.
The full workload of the Department involved 42037 hours during 2016-2017 academic year, among them 27020 scientific and 15017 study hours (auditorium – 10040).

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Avtandil Bardavelidze Full Professor
2 Akaki Girgvliani Full Professor
3 Teimuraz Pestvenidze Associate Professor
4 Akaki Dzneladze Associate Professor
5 Nodar Chanturia Associate Professor
6 Zurab Khurtsia Associate Professor
7 Mikheil Kotishadze Associate Professor
8 Manana Tchumburidze Full Professor
9 Mzevinar Zakaraia Associate Professor
10 Manana Qarqashadze Associate Professor
11 Givi Lobjanidze Associate Professor
12 Tsatsa Namchevadze Associate Professor
13 Nana Oniani-Saginadze Associate Professor
14 Irakli Bashaleishvili Assistant Professor