Department of Mathematics

Since the day of founding Akaki Tsereteli State University the role of the Department of Math has been distinct. Until the 90-ies of the last century, the main activity was directed towards preparation of pedagogical and engineering staff. After receiving the status of the university, the scope of activities became wider that was mainly expressed in strengthening the scientific segment. During different stages successful activities in the direction of mathematics was led by professors: Grigol Khazhalia, Giorgi Gabunia, Tengiz Kostava, Bidzina Nemsadze, Nikoloz Nemsadze, Nikoloz Nutsubidze, Gigla Oniani, Soso Kalandarishvili, Grigol Sokhadze. It is also to be noted that famous invited scientists were actively engaged in the academic process. Among them we should distinguish Vladimer Chelidze, Mikheil Lavrentiev, Giorgi Choghoshvili, Akaki Jvarsheishvili. Nowadays the direction of mathematics is included in one department, where there are 4 professors, 19 associate professors and 10 invited specialists.
The department implements educational programs of mathematical profile at the three stages of higher education (1 Bachelor’s, 1 Master’s and 2 Doctoral programs). The academic personnel carry out fruitful scientific and pedagogical activities. In recent period over 30 publications were issued in higher rated international scientific publications, they made three scientific monographs and several original text-books. The personnel participated in over ten research grant projects and important scientific conferences. Two dissertations were made within the existing Doctoral program. Some of the researches were carried out in collaboration with foreign institutions (the universities of Debretsen, Palermo and Brno). There functions a scientific seminar at the department, in which famous researches from the Georgian and foreign universities have taken part. There is a high indicator of employment of successful graduates of the educational programs implemented by the department.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Giorgi Oniani Full Professor
2 Zaza Sokhadze Full Professor
3 Temur Surguladze Full Professor
4 Tariel Kemoklidze Associate Professor
5 Rajden Khaburdzania Associate Professor
6 Kosta Svanadze Associate Professor
7 Erekle Japaridze Associate Professor
8 Nikoloz Gorgodze Associate Professor
9 Giorgi Lominashvili Associate Professor
10 Irma Tsivtsivadze Associate Professor
11 Lela Zivzivadze Associate Professor
12 Tengiz Bokelavadze Associate Professor
13 Giorgi Tetvadze Associate Professor
14 Temuri Modebadze Associate Professor
15 Davit Lekveishvili Associate Professor
16 Roland Zivzivadze Associate Professor
17 Iuri Tvalodze Associate Professor
18 Aleko Tkeshelashvili Associate Professor
19 Shota Mjavanadze Associate Professor
20 Nikoloz Kachkachishvili Associate Professor
21 Tea Kordzadze Associate Professor